Yemen Factsheet Field Office (FO) Sa'ada, June 2020


UNHCR FO Sa’ada covers both Sa’ada and Al Jawf governorates. The area borders with Saudi Arabia to the north and has more than 15 active frontlines It is also a frequent target of airstrikes and shelling.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, the area frequented with mixed population movements including refugees and asylum-seekers.

UNHCR monitored the movements and provided support and guidance.

There are 111 IDP sites (11,900 IDPs) in Sa’ada Hub, scattered in a wide area with lack of partners on ground.
UNHCR focuses on identifying and enhancing capacity of the humanitarian partners.

The Sa’ada Hub and the tri-clusters (Protection, Shelter and CCCM Cluster) led by UNHCR

UNHCR with other Clusters’ partners under the inter-agency framework is responsible for coordinating three clusters: protection, CCCM and shelter, ensuring that humanitarian assistance reaches the neediest families in a coordinated and effective manner.

Given the limited presence of active and qualified humanitarian actors in Sa’ada Hub, UNHCR, besides coordinating response efforts being the lead agency of the three mentioned sub-clusters, is considered the most active member in response to the needs pertaining to the three sectors.