Yemen: Escalating Conflict Situation Report No. 8 (as of 22 May 2015)

from UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs
Published on 22 May 2015


  • Violence has resumed in many areas of Yemen after the five-day humanitarian pause that concluded on 17 May. Delivery of assistance has stopped in some areas due to increased insecurity and limited humanitarian access.

  • Reports from health facilities indicate that at least 1,849 people were killed and 7,394 injured between 19 March and 15 May, the latest date for which figures are available. The total fatality figures are likely to be much higher.

  • At least 545,000 people were displaced between 26 March and 7 May. Another 28,712 people have left Yemen, arriving in the Horn of Africa and Gulf countries.

  • In several areas, fuel prices have increased by more than 500% and the price of wheat flour has increased by 80% since 26 March, with a devastating impact on people and communities struggling to cope with the conflict.

15.9m Requiring humanitarian assistance

9,243 Conflict-related casualties (deaths and injuries) recorded in health centres

545,719 Internally displaced since March

12m Food-insecure people

8.4m Lacking access to primary health care

850,000 Acutely malnourished children

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