Yemen: Escalating Conflict Flash Update 31 | 11 May 2015

from UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs
Published on 11 May 2015

Daily Key messages

The delivery of fuel could enable humanitarian partners to scale up emergency response during the upcoming humanitarian pause in the conflict in Yemen.

Conflict parties must do more to protect civillians from suffering caused by the conflict and ensure critical life-saving assistance can reach those in need.


Airstrikes, shelling and clashes continued in Sa’ada Governorate (Sa’ada City, Al Dhaher and Razih districts) on 10 May, adding to casualties and mass displacement reported over the past several days. Widespread violence also continued in Aden Governorate, adding to casualties and displacement reported there over the past week. Airstrikes, shelling and heavy clashes were reported in Khormaskar, Attawahi and Al Mansura districts, with one civilian death and two injuries reported. Airstrikes and heavy clashes also took place in Abyan Governorate (Zingibar and Lawder districts). Hajjah (Haradh District) and Lahj (Al Anad District) governorates came under shelling.

Throughout Yemen, the ability of local authorities to deliver essential public services remained limited by insecurity and lack of fuel. Residents in Aden Governorate report that waste had not been collected since the start of the conflict. In Al Hudaydah Governorate on 10 May, the Governor declared an environmental disaster because of accumulated waste.

Displacement and casualties

Casualties continue to mount. As of 6 May, 1,527 people have died as a result of the conflict and 6,266 have been injured. At least 646 civilian lives have been lost.

The number of displaced from Sa’ada continues to be verified as households arrive at sites in Amran, Hajjah, Sana’a, Al Jawf, and Al Hudaydah governorates. In Amran Governorate, many of the displaced are reported to be in the open as they are afraid to shelter in public buildings because of airstrikes. In Aden, the number of displaced families is being verified following widespread displacement from Attawahi District last week (3 – 9 May). Partners report that 5,511 displaced families from Aden are sheltering in schools and other public buildings in Aden Governorate (Al Sheikh Othman, Al Buraiqeh, and Al Mansura districts) and Hadramaut Governorate.

Access and humanitarian response

On 9-10 May, two deliveries of 420,000 litres of fuel, and other essential supplies, arrived in Al Hudaydah, to be distributed to 50 partners for emergency response during the 12 – 17 May humanitarian pause.

In Amran Governorate, partners have commenced aid delivery to displaced families from Sa’ada. Partners distributed NFI kits to around 200 households and are negotiating land use with local authorities to help settle displaced people in Amran.

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