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Yemen: Escalating Conflict Flash Update 21 | 29 April 2015


Daily Key messages

Humanitarian operations will cease unless supply of fuel to Yemen is restored. The country’s health, water and sanitation systems are at imminent risk of collapse, largely due to shortages of fuel for generators and water pumps. Humanitarian partners and the commercial sector should be enabled to resume the import of critical supplies into Yemen.


On 28 April, an airstrike hit the runway at Sana’a International Airport and an aircraft belonging to a private transport company was damaged. The runway is not usable at present and may take a few days to repair. This may affect plans to deliver humanitarian assistance through the airport. Airstrikes were also reported at the Al Hudaydah airport and other targets in Sa’ada.

Widespread internet and phone disruptions have been reported in several governorates, mostly due to lack of fuel and electricity. On 25 April, the Yemen Public Telecommunications Corporation warned that unless the fuel crisis is resolved, telecommunication services (mobile phones, internet, and land lines) will shut down within a week. The disruption in communication is hampering information flow on humanitarian needs and operations as escalation of conflict continues.

One health partner still cannot access their warehouse in Al Jumhouria hospital in Khor Makser District in Aden Governorate because militias who entered the facility on 27 April still occupy the hospital. On 28 April, militias entered and shot at offices housing humanitarian partners in Aden and a local guard was injured. Militias occupied the office of a national partner. Meanwhile, armed clashes were reported between militias in several districts of Aden. Shelling was also reported from battleships at sea towards the Khor Maksar District.


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