Yemen: Escalating Conflict Flash Update 15 | 21 April 2015 (10.00)


Daily Key messages

Conflict and insecurity have caused temporary suspension of critical humanitarian activities in Yemen. Humanitarian partners need uninterrupted access and safety to be able to sustain and scale up critical assistance.


In the last 24 hours, airstrikes have hit different locations in Sahar and Haydan districts in Sa'ada Governorate, reportedly injuring three women. Sa'ada airport was also hit as well as a Community College in Yarim District, Ibb Governorate and several locations in Bakil Al Mir District, Hajjah Governorate.

One partner has temporarily suspended activities in Sana’a after its offices were damaged by blasts that rocked the city on 20 April. The INGO recently launched an emergency response to provide nutritional treatment to severely malnourished children, health care, clean water and essential items for 600 families. It was planning to distribute food to 1,500 displaced families. The blasts followed an airstrike on Faj Attan that is suspected to have hit a munitions depot, triggering multiple blasts. Nearby buildings were damaged, while at least 30 people were killed and 300 injured, including eight UN security guards.

Similarly, evacuation of third country nationals from Sana’a has been suspended for at least one week due to growing difficulties faced in operating flights out of the city.

Education authorities have extended the closure of more than 3,750 schools across Yemen due to the prevailing security situation, affecting an estimated two million children. At least 48 schools (mostly in the south) have been damaged and an additional 49 are reportedly occupied either by armed groups (17) or are being used as shelters by IDPs, although the actual number is likely to be much higher.

Displacement and casualties

Report of findings of a rapid assessment conducted in Amran in early April has been released. The assessment found at least 3,512 displaced households (about 28,710 people) in 15 districts. The IDPs were mainly from Sana’a and Sa’ada and are living with extended families, relatives, friends and people they know. Conflict in Amran city, as well Eyal Suraih, Thula, Rayda districts has prompted secondary displacement of some of the IDPs.

Access and humanitarian response


Partners in Haradh have reported that 280 displaced families have received hygiene kits, while five new water points have been constructed and connected to the Al Qufl and Al Madab water scheme. A further 480 displaced families in Hayran district are due to receive hygiene kits and 100 water filters, but due to challenges in finding fuel, the implementing partner is facing transport difficulties. Hygiene kits have also been provided to Saddakah Hospital.

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