Yemen: Deteriorating Humanitarian Crisis Situation Report No. 10 (as of 3 June 2015)


• 20 million people need humanitarian assistance.

• The number of internally displaced persons (IDPs) has nearly doubled since early May, reaching more than 1 million people. Host communities and agencies are under pressure to respond to their critical needs.

• The UN Security Council backed a call by Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon for a new humanitarian pause to allow assistance to reach people in urgent need.

• A full resumption of commercial imports of vital commodities, including food, fuel and medicines, is required to avoid a looming humanitarian catastrophe.

• As health and nutrition treatment services decrease, needs are increasing drastically.

People in need of humanitarian assistance

Registered deaths resulting from conflict

Registered injuries resulting from conflict

Internally displaced people

Food insecure people

People lack access to basic health care

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