Yemen: Dengue Fever - Outbreak Operation Update n° 2 Report (DREF n° MDRYE008)

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Summary of major revisions made to emergency plan of action:

The DREF operation was exceptionally extended by two months until 30 August 2020. The extension was to ensure the completion of the activities in this operation which have been delayed or suspended following COVID-19 pandemic restriction measures imposed by the authorities in Yemen since March 2020. The current movement restrictions have been affecting field implementation of community activities in the targeted governorates which are essential for the completion of the operation; especially related to community awareness and hygiene promotion. In addition to the COVID-19 situation in country, the delivery of items faced important delays related to the availability in the market and transportation.

This extension will facilitate the final distribution stage of hygiene kits and remaining fogging machines and materials for Yemen Red Crescent Society (YRCS) branches and complete the remained activities in the operation. The items remain relevant in the response as cases continue to sustain in some of the the targeted governates where response has been limited. The need for the hygiene kits are even more imperative now, despite the delays, as the impact of insufficient funding in-country for health and water, sanitation and hygiene activities are resulting in widening gaps and increased risks for already vulnerable communities compounded by the COVID-19 outbreak.

YRCS will keep monitoring the situation and adapting their response accordingly, nevertheless, if restrictions continue, this might cause further rescheduling of activities and/or its cancelation if it is not possible to implement.
The total budget will remain as per the original, with minor changes in some of the activities related to fogging materials (Deltamethrin) which came as a request from the health authorities due to limited availability and support from other humanitarian partners in the specific locations. The number of mosquito nets was also increased to cover the needs of 2,000 families during the distribution.


Description of the disaster

A significant increase in dengue cases was observed from 18 November – 8 December 2019 (epidemiological reporting Weeks 47,48,49) in the country, and this was further confirmed on by the Health Cluster on 18 December 2019, with 22,003 cases and 60 deaths reported. Dengue outbreaks affected 174 of 333 total districts (54%) in 22 of 23 governorates of the country. The governorates with highest number of suspected dengue cases are from Hudaidah, Operation Update Report no. 2 Yemen: Dengue Fever Outbreak Taiz, Aden, Hajjah and Lahj and deaths reported from Hudaidah, Aden, Hajjah, Lahj, Shabwa, Marib and Rayma. Most reported cases are concentrated in urban areas. The number of affected governorates increased due to the collapse of the health system in Yemen resulting from ongoing complex and protracted conflict, the poor water and hygiene condition in the most affected areas, with limited access to humanitarian support to the most vulnerable and affected populations.

In view of the dengue outbreak in the country, the Ministry of Public Health and Population (MoPHP) requested the support of Yemen Red Crescent Society (YRCS) and other humanitarian partners to participate in the prevention and control of dengue outbreaks. YRCS was requested to respond to the Dengue outbreak from MoPHP offices in the governorates of Shabwa and Hajjah where maximum cases were reported at the time.