Yemen: Cyclone Mekunu - Information bulletin No.2

Situation Report
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This bulletin is for information only and reflects the current situation and details available at this time.

The Situation

Tropical cyclone Mekunu (22 - 27 May) has caused human casualties and loss of property in Socotra and Al Maharah governorates.

I. Socotra: Now the situation in Socotra is in the phase of Rescue, Search and Response. The weather is calm. On 26 May, the airport and the port of Socotra resumed functioning. Authorities and several humanitarian organizations continue to monitor and respond to the situation.

II. Al Mahrah: Since 29 May, the situation in Al Mahrah stabilized but some areas are still flooded. In Alaibri, for three days by 30 May, around 2000 persons have been isolated by flood water with no access to other areas. Authorities and humanitarian organizations reported this as a gap in emergency response.

Impact of the Disaster

I. Socotra: After Search and Rescue failed to find the missing sailors, and after finding 5 more bodies, the missing people were considered dead. This increased the number of dead casualties in Socotra island to 20. Property and infrastructure on Socotra are badly damaged. Cattle, palms, fishing boats and nets are all around the island. Five cars were destroyed by water, many water wells and water networks in Haribo and Qalansiyah are partly damaged.

II. Al Mahrah: In Al Mahrah, 20 persons are reported injured and four dead (two in Hawf and two in Al Ghaydah). The roads in and between Hadhramaut and Al Mahrah governorates are partly damaged or blocked by floods, rocks or quicksand. In Alaibri, 2,000 persons have been isolated by flood for the last three days. Fifty persons are evacuated to a school in Alaibri. Floods damaged or destroyed many buildings and vehicles. A lot of agricultural equipment and warehouses were damaged in Al Gaydah. Large areas remain without electricity because power lines and generators are destroyed.