Yemen: Crisisinsight Impact Overview January to August 2020

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This report provides decision-makers with a short, accessible overview of key trends and emerging challenges that may affect humanitarian needs in Yemen, covering January to August 2020.

Key issues:

  1. Humanitarian needs have increased and become harder to address

  2. COVID-19 and flooding displaced more people than conflict from May to July 2020

  3. Civilian casualties decreased, but fighting increased around Ma'rib, Al Jawf and Abyan

  4. Deteriorating economic conditions continue to drive food insecurity and stretch copying mechanisms

  5. Heavy rains and flash floods have had a greater impact than in previous years

  6. Protection concerns for migrants in Yemen have dramatically increased

  7. Agreement to allow international inspections of the FSO SAFER oil tanker may help alleviate an environmental disaster, but this is yet to be implemented