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Yemen Crisis: IOM Regional Response - Situation Report, 30 April 2015



  • Estimated number of IDPs in Yemen is reported to have doubled, reaching over 300,000. IOM is launching its Displacement Tracking Matrix in order to update and verify IDP data, including overall displacement volumes and related needs per governorate. IOM expanded its WASH and health assistance respectively to Al Dhalea and Shabwah.

  • This week, IOM temporarily resumed humanitarian evacuation of Third Country Nationals (TCNs) out of Yemen after over a week of suspension, organizing a fourth flight out of Sana’a airport. However due to aerial bombing of the Sana’a airport runway on 28 April, further flights scheduled for this week were again suspended, awaiting the airport’s rehabilitation.

  • Over 12,300 people have so far fled from Yemen across the Red Sea to the Horn of Africa, representing a 20% increase since last week. Appeals and contingency plans are being finalized in the region to respond to the continuous influx of migrants, returnees and refugees.

Situation Overview

As of 30 April, airstrikes continue to be reported in 11 governorates (Saada, Hajjah, Sana’a, Al Hudaydah, Marib, Shab-wah, Ibb, Al Dhale’e, Taizz, Lahj and Aden) out of 22.

On 29 April, OCHA warned that unless fuel supply is restored, humanitarian operations will soon be forced to cease. Yemen’s health, water and sanitation systems are reportedly near collapsing, due in particular to shortages of fuel for generators and water pumps. Fuel prices have increased exponentially since the start of the conflict, going from approx. $0.6/liter to upwards of $10/liter in some locations. Telecommunication services (mobile phones, internet, and land lines) are also expected to shut down within a week.

The situation in Haradh - where IOM is managing its Migrant Response Center - is worsening. The city was heavily bom-barded on 29 April. At least 15 people have been killed in the last 10 days (OCHA).

Since 28 April all offices within the UN enclave in Aden, including IOM’s, are occupied by armed Houthi elements. One local guard was injured in the attack.

On 28 April, an airstrike hit the runway at Sana’a International Airport. The runway is expected to be operational again in the coming days.