Yemen COVID-19 Preparedness and Response Snapshot - As of 30 May 2020 [EN/AR]


Between 10 April, when the first case was confirmed, and 30 May, the authorities in Yemen announced 314 COVID-19 cases, including 78 deaths; the case fatality rate (CFR) is extremely high at 20.77 per cent. Evidence indicates that fear of stigma means people who are symptomatic have not sought hospital treatment, a shortage of laboratory supplies and rapid response staff means cases go untested, and that hundreds more people are dying with COVID-like symptoms. Humanitarian agencies in Yemen continue to do all they can to scale up the response and save lives, prioritising suppression of virus transmission through community engagement and public information campaigns; procuring and distributing medical supplies and equipment; and saving lives by supporting COVID-19 clinical readiness and response capacities. More than 14,000 trained volunteers continue to raise awareness about COVID-19 on the ground and together with mass media messaging, information has reached an estimated 16 million people. The UN has procured nearly 9,555 metric tons of medical equipment, testing kits and medicine from a highly competitive global market and is working to secure more. Working with partners, the UN is expanding hospital capacity including setting up 21 additional intensive care units (ICUs) in COVID-19 designated hospitals, adding to 38 existing ICUs; deploying two high capacity mobile field hospitals with nearly 100 beds; and providing salaries to frontline health care workers.


UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs
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