Yemen COVID-19 Preparedness and Response Snapshot - As of 08 August 2020 [EN/AR]


As of 8 August, the number of reported confirmed COVID-19 cases in Yemen had reached 1,801 with 513 associated deaths and 912 recoveries. Men constitute 73 per cent of all reported cases and most COVID-19 cases and deaths are reported among people aged 45 and above. The highest number of confirmed cases continue to be reported in Hadramaut (772 cases, 238 deaths and 282 recoveries), followed by Taizz (298 cases, 80 deaths and 186 recoveries). In Aden, where the third highest number of cases has been reported (270 cases, 32 deaths and 194 recoveries), no new cases, deaths or recoveries have been reported in the past two weeks. However, indicators suggest that the virus continues to spread and that the number of confirmed cases and deaths fall below actual numbers, due in part to a lack of testing facilities and official reporting. Health partners are concerned that people who are asymptomatic continue to transmit the virus and urge communities to continue to observe precautionary measures. The COVID-19 response continues to focus on testing, surveillance and case management, while procuring and distributing oxygen and personal protective equipment (PPE) remains a priority. The ongoing fuel and funding crises risk exacerbating the transmission of the virus and threaten the broader COVID-19 and humanitarian responses.


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