Yemen conflict Situation report #1, 1 April 2015

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  • As of 31 March 2015 there have been a total of 519 deaths and 1,699 injuries. Casualty estimates are likely to change in the coming days as additional cases are verified and reported.

  • All air and sea ports are closed, creating difficulties in the movement of medical supplies into the country. WHO is coordinating with The World Food Programme and UN partners to explore alternative logistical solutions for the provision of medicines and medical kits.

  • Inside the country, access to areas where conflict is ongoing is one of the key challenges faced by humanitarian partners, impeding the provision of health care service delivery.

  • In light of the scale, urgency, complexity and magnitude of the crisis in Yemen as defined by WHO’s Emergency Response Framework, on March 30 the Organization designated the event a Grade 2 emergency, requiring the mobilization of additional regional resources to support the health response.

  • WHO has provided medicines and medical supplies to MoPH for 80 000 beneficiaries and is negotiating safe corridors for the provision of health supplies to inaccessible areas.