Yemen – Conflict (ECHO, UN, Media) (ECHO Daily Flash of 8 February 2016)

  • On 5 February, the UNSG Ban Ki-moon raised strong concerns over continued Coalition airstrikes on schools, hospitals, mosques and civilian infrastructure in Yemen. He also urged States that are parties to the Arms Trade Treaty to control arms flows to actors that may use them in breach of international humanitarian law.

  • Pro-Hadi and Coalition forces are advancing in the north, taking new areas in Nihm district, Sana’a governorate. On 7 February, special forces units were reportedly brought in from Marib to capture the Naqeel bin Ghailan mountain range which would open the way to the capital. On 6 February, Coalition forces landed by sea at the port of Luhayya, in Hodeida governorate. Last week the Coalition took full control of Midi, a port town north of Luhayya.

  • AQAP militants continue to expand their dominance in the south. After taking control of Azzan town in Shabwa governorate last week, on 6 February they took the police headquarters in Zinjibar, Abyan governorate. Pro-Hadi forces reportedly fled Abyan towards Aden.

  • According to FAO, availability of food and non-food commodities in local markets significantly improved during the month of January. The price of wheat and rice remained relatively stable compared to December, with no changes in Sana’a and a slightly decreasing trend recorded in the south. Prices of diesel, petrol and cooling gas slightly decreased across the country.