Yemen - Conflict (DG ECHO) (ECHO Daily Flash of 17 June 2020)

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  • On 15 June, at least 12 civilians, including 4 children, were killed as a result of an airstrike on a vehicle in Shaada District, Sa’ada Governorate, in the north of Yemen. On 16 June, numerous airstrikes were conducted in Sana’a, including in residential areas.

  • According to the Humanitarian Coordinator for Yemen, more than 800 civilian casualties have been reported in Yemen as a result of fighting since January and several incidents involving multiple civilian casualties have been reported since the end of May.

  • The military confrontations on residential areas are causing civilian casualties, the majority of them being children. According to the Civilian Impact Monitoring Report, in April there were 177 civilian casualties. The UNSG annual report on civilian casualties, released on 2 June, rates Yemen the world second most affected country after Afghanistan; accordingly, children account for 25% of all casualties.