Yemen Comprehensive Humanitarian Operations (YCHO): supply of new cranes to Yemeni ports

from Government of Saudi Arabia
Published on 05 Feb 2018

The Member States of the Saudi-led Coalition to Restore Legitimacy in Yemen announce the supply and installation of 4 cranes to Yemeni ports under the Yemen Comprehensive Humanitarian Operations (YCHO)

RIYADH / 18 Jumada I 1439H (5 February 2018)

Today, at the headquarters of the Saudi Fund for Development, a meeting took place between Youssif Bin Ibrahim Albassam, Vice-President and Managing Director of the Saudi Fund for Development, and Dr. Moeen Abdul Malik, Minister of Public Works of the Republic of Yemen, at which a Memorandum of Understanding was signed in the presence of a number of officials for the financing and installation of 4 cranes for the Yemeni ports of Aden, Mukalla and Mokha.

H.E. Dr. Moeen Abdul Malik, Minister of Public Works of the Republic of Yemen, said:

The delivery of cranes to Yemen under circumstances of conflict and instability further demonstrates the commitment of the YCHO to relieve the suffering of the Yemeni people. The recent violence in Aden highlights the risks and dangers of humanitarian work, and the internationally recognized government of Yemen not only applauds the Saudi-led Coalition’s generosity, but also the YCHO’s determination to be a force for good. The people of Yemen are grateful for this generous initiative.

H.E. Mohammed Saeed Al Jabir, Ambassador of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to Yemen and Executive Director of the YCHO Support Center, said:

The comprehensive humanitarian operations plan in Yemen aims to provide essential humanitarian relief items such as medicine, food and shelter as short-term goals and other long-term goals for development and infrastructure. This agreement and subsequent agreements on this aspect of humanitarian operations will contribute to the infrastructure upgrade of the Yemeni ports and an increase in their capacity, thus affecting development, economic growth and trade, and raising the standard of living of the brotherly Yemeni people. Indirectly, the comprehensive humanitarian plan in Yemen will provide job opportunities for Yemenis and will intensify and expand business in all areas of Yemen, spurring economic competition and building a dynamic Yemeni market.


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