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Yemen - Complex Emergency Fact Sheet #11, Fiscal Year (FY) 2022


31.9 MILLION Population of Yemen UN HNO – April 2022
23.4 MILLION People in Need of Humanitarian Assistance UN HNO – April 2022
4.3 MILLION People Internally Displaced in Yemen Since March 2015 UN HNO – April 2022
19 MILLION People Projected to Face Acute Food Insecurity in 2022 IPC – August 2022
2.2 MILLION Children Likely to Experience Wasting IPC – August 2022

• A WFP-chartered vessel transporting 37,000 MT of USAID/BHA- and Howard G. Buffett Foundation funded wheat grain destined for Yemen departed Ukraine on August 30, amid worsening food security conditions across Yemen.
• Acute food insecurity is expected to remain widespread across Yemen through January 2023 due to rising prices, decreased purchasing power, and limited humanitarian food assistance, FEWS NET reports.
• Security incidents against relief actors affected more humanitarian personnel during the first six months of 2022 compared to all of 2021, the UN reports.