Yemen: Commodity Tracker (as of 4 October 2018)

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  • In September 2018, food imports rose 54% while fuel imports decreased 17% from August levels.

  • Food imports are meeting 80% of estimated food requirements since the Nov. 2017 blockade, on average each month, an increase of 5% from August given the significant volume imported in September, but still below the pre-blockade period when 96% of needs were met, on average.

  • Fuel imports are meeting less than one-quarter of estimated national fuel requirements, with no change to the average since the blockade, but still below the pre-blockade period nearly one-third of needs were met, on average.

  • Since the blockade, on average 21 vessels are berthing and discharging at Hudaydah and Saleef, a 40% reduction from the pre-blockade the average of 35 vessels.

  • On average, there is a 35% decline in vessel clearance requests (26) compared to pre-blockade average of 40 vessels.

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