Yemen: Cholera Response Weekly Epidemiological Bulletin: W34 2017 (August 21 - 27) [EN/AR]

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Country level

  • The cumulative total from 27 April 2017 to 28 August 2017 is 580,206 cases and 2,028 deaths (CFR 0.35%). In W34, 30,648 cases and 14 deaths were reported.
  • A peak was observed week 26 and the weekly number of cases has decreased from then until W33. For the first time in 6 weeks the weekly number of cases increased from W32 to W33.
  • The trend of the last three weeks is considered as stable (-1%). The average number of cases for the last three weeks is 35,070.
  • Children under 5 years old represent 24% of the cases. The mean of age of the cases is 20.5 years. The median age is 16 years.
  • In total 11,106 rapid diagnostic tests (RDT) have been performed which represents 19.1% coverage. The coverage for culture is 16.9%
  • The age breakdown among cases who died is <5 (16.6%), 5-14 (15.4%),15-44 (22.2%), >45 (45.6%)

Governorate and District level

  • In total, 22/23 (96%) governorates and 300/333 districts (90%) are affected by the outbreak. No new districts were affected this week.
  • No interruption in transmission is observed yet in any governorates.
  • The five governorates with the highest cumulative attack rates per 10,000 are Amran (513), Al Mahwit (476), Al Dhale’e (462), Abyan (366) and Hajjah (268).
  • The trend of the last three weeks has increased in 3 governorates: Al Hudaydah (+40%), Aden (+12%), and Raymah (+18%).
  • Raymah governorate remains with a cumulative CFR above the threshold (1.05%).

District prioritisation

  • A total of 86 districts have been identified for prioritisation based on attack rate, trend and population size.
  • In 35 districts, the CFR is >1%, and these have been targeted for urgent review of case management practices.