Yemen – Cholera Outbreak (DG ECHO, WHO) (ECHO Daily Flash of 6 June 2017)

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  • The number of reported cases of cholera continue to grow. According to WHO, 86 422 suspected cases of AWD/Cholera and 676 deaths have been reported from 257 districts out of 333 in the period 27 April to 3 June 2017. Sana’a city continues to record the highest number of cases, with more than 16 000 over the last 4 weeks. The daily average number of cases during the last week was 2 777 cases per day an increase in comparison with the previous week with 2 529 cases per day. Additional cases can be expected in the coming months ranging between 130 000 and 200 000.

  • 23 humanitarian organizations (INGOs, UNs, ICRC) are intervening in the cholera emergency health response. 99 treatments centers offering 1 315 beds and 166 rehydration points have been established in 121 districts of 19 governorates. The remaining gaps are large: 6 560 beds and 1 649 rehydration points are needed.

  • 11 WASH organisations are engaged in chlorination and hygiene campaigns. Chlorination of private water tanks and public water networks are ongoing with more than 1.8 million people supported by various chlorination activities.

  • Limited technical capacities hamper a full scale response. Partners are bringing more international technical experts in country.