Yemen: Cholera Outbreak Daily Epidemiology Update (7 July 2017)

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• From 27 April to 6 July 2017, 291 554 suspected cholera cases and 1 678 deaths (CFR: 0.6%) have been reported in 95.6% (22/23) of Yemen governorates, and 86.5% (288/333) of the districts.

• For the first time since the beginning of this outbreak second wave, four cases have been reported in Say’on governorate. All were adults. Two of these cases were confirmed with rapid diagnostic tests.

Geographical distribution of cases

The four most affected governorates were Amanat Al Asimah, Al Hudaydah, Hajjah and Amran with 47.4% (138 279/291 554) of the cases reported since 27 April 2017. Amran, Al Dhaele’e and Al Mahwit governorates had the highest attack rates (20.2‰, 19.4‰ and 19.2‰ respectively), and Raymah, Hajjah and Ibb governorates the highest case fatality ratios (1.4%, 1.0% and 1.0% respectively) (see table).

Al Hali (Al Hudaydah gov., 12 245 cases, 21 deaths), Bani Al Harith (Amanat Al Asimah gov., 8 004 cases, 10 deaths), Ma’ain (Amanat Al Asimah gov., 7 800, 7 deaths) and As Sabain (Amanat Al Asimah gov., 6 097 cases, 9 deaths) were still the four most affected districts.