Yemen: CCCM Factsheet – August 2016


The Shelter / NFI / CCCM Cluster remains only 8% funded till date even though Shelter is one of the top three needs expressed by internally displaced persons (IDPs) (Ref. Task Force Population Movement). Unfortunately donors’ attention for shelter, NFI and CCCM related issues remains extremely limited. The overview below aims to put forward strategic and time critical activities that will serve the most vulnerable, crisis‐affected, displaced population in immediate terms. The estimated cost of these critical activities is $11,528,300 USD and it will target 50,195 most vulnerable households (351,365 individuals).

1) Finding alternative shelter solutions for IDP currently living in schools and facing high pressure from the host community to vacate the premises. Financial requirements for piloting projects taking into account the most pressing cases are as follows: Rehabilitation / extension / renting 5 alternative buildings to relocate approximately 150 displaced households currently sheltered in schools : $150,000 USD. This activity is prioritised by Taizz (142 schools occupied by IDP) and Ibb (50 schools occupied by IDP)

Hub. These Governorates have the highest number of IDPs residing in schools.

2) Providing winterisation assistance to the most vulnerable affected population. The winterisation plan runs from October 2016 to March 2017 and aims at providing basic non‐food items (such as blankets and clothes) and upgrading / repair of shelter. 38,365 most vulnerable households are likely to be prone to cold weather and they need urgent winterisation assistance. The total cost for winterisation assistance is estimated at $8,440,300 USD. The top priority governorates for this activity are Dhamar,
Amran and Sana’a given the harsh weather condition during the winter season.

3) Developing decentralised contingency stocks for NFIs and Emergency Shelter (ES) rapid response in case of a natural disaster (flood, storms and hurricanes). Financial requirements to procure and warehouse a strategic contingency stock of NFI kits and Emergency Shelter kits to serve 10,000 most vulnerable households in case of emergency : $2,650,000 USD.

4) CCCM Monitoring of Collective Centres (CC) and Spontaneous Sites (SS) to determine and respond to urgent needs and gaps in assistance for some of the most vulnerable IDPs (related with activity 1). The total cost for monitoring of 120 CC over 12 months is estimated at $288,000 USD (including small repair and maintenance of the CC).This activity is prioritised by Taizz and Ibb Hub. Both governorates contain over 326 CC till date.