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Yemen | Assisted Spontaneous Return (ASR) As of 19 March 2020

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Highlights (15- 19 March 2020)

• On 16 March, UNHCR and IOM helped 80 Somali refugees return to Somalia from Yemen. Since the beginning of the programme over 5,400 Somali refugees have returned home.

• During the reporting period, 43 refugees who approached the Return Help Desks (RHD) in Basateen, Kharaz and Mukalla received counselling on voluntary return information and the assisted spontaneous return programme led by UNHCR and IOM.

• A total of 14 cases of 17 individuals signed Voluntary Repatriation Form - VRF (confirmation of intention to return) in Basateen, Mukalla and Kharaz.

• Movement from Yemen to Somalia have been temporarily suspended as of 18 March.