Yemen Appeal No. MAAYE001 Mid-Year Report

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This report covers the period 1 January 2010 to 30 June 2010.

In brief

Programme outcome: The overall outcomes contribute to the achievement of the strategic and operational objectives of the Yemen Red Crescent Society in line with its strategy for 2007-2011. Programme summary: The focus in disaster management includes a progress review and recommendation to reorganize the capacities and structures, mobilization and response actions mitigating the effects of localized disasters, consolidation of branch level preparedness including logistics capacities, disaster risk reduction based on vulnerability-capacity assessments and cooperation and coordination with other organizations in the areas of disaster management and related concerns.

The key result areas in health and care include building up capacities in community-based health and first aid, mother-child health, the community based health development programme under the operational alliance, hygiene promotion focusing on H1N1, malaria and immunization and water and sanitation. The main areas of focus in organizational development include the extraordinary general assembly and approval of the revised Red Crescent Society statutes, the restructuring and change process supported by a coordinated partnership, exchange of experience between the society and the Lebanese Red Cross, improvement in financial management, volunteering and branch-branch twinning including an exchange of experience.

Financial situation: The original 2010 budget was Swiss francs 1,031,397. Overall expenditure during the reporting period was Swiss francs 310,626. The budget has been revised to Swiss francs 708,374 (USD 695,227 or EUR 915,106) , of which Swiss francs 663,481 is covered, to reflect both the income and the expenditure rates in the first half of the year.