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Yemen: Al Hudaydah Update Situation Report No. 2, 17 June 2018 [EN/AR]


This report is produced by OCHA in collaboration with humanitarian partners. It is issued by the OCHA Yemen office. The next report will be issued when additional information on the emergency becomes available.


• Armed clashes reached Al Hudaydah airport on the southern outskirts of the city.

• IDPs arriving to Al Hudaydah City from the frontlines.

• The Yemen Red Crescent evacuated injured civilians from Al Mandhar to hospitals in Al Hudaydah City.

• Al Thawrah Hospital in Al Hudaydah City supported by partners with medical supplies including trauma and emergency kits.

• Humanitarian supplies being off loaded at Al Hudaydah port

II. Situation Overview

Heavy fighting continued in different parts of the governorate with the Saudi-led Coalition reaching Al Hudaydah airport. Airstrikes were reported in some locations in Al Hudaydah City including the University and in Ad Durayhimi District. Clashes were reported in multiple locations in Ad Durayhimi, At Tuhayat, Bayt Al Faqiah and Hays districts, with unverified casualties.

The Protection Cluster’s Civilian Impact Monitoring report for 7-13 June notes that the incidents with an impact on civilians in Hudaydah have increased compared to the previous week. Most incidents were in the frontline districts of Bait Al Faqih, Ad Durayhimi, Al Tuhayat and Al Garrahi. Some 36 households lost their livelihood after their farms were damaged, while the bombing of the main road in Bait Al Faqih had an indirect protection implication for as many as 51,400 households in the district On 16 June, IDPs arrived to Al Hudaydah City from Al Mandhar village, south of the airport. The estimated 400 displaced families were verified on 16 June and distribution of immediate assistance commenced on 17 June. The new IDP caseload is an addition to just over 4,000 households that have been verified as displaced since 1 June in six districts of Al Hudaydah Governorate and the city. An additional 800 displaced families who have been verified in Ad Durayhimi will also be receiving assistance.

Some civilians are reportedly stranded in areas of fighting without access to humanitarian assistance. The Yemen Red Crescent has evacuated 20 wounded civilians and the two bodies from Al Mandhar, with the wounded being taken to hospitals inside Hudaydah City.

The planned voluntary return of over 200 Ethiopian migrants has been postponed amid reports that many other migrants are stranded in or near the frontlines. The Al Hudaydah port remains open with a WFP- chartered vessel expected to complete off-loading grain on 17 June, and another vessel carrying humanitarian supplies expected to berth at the port on the same day. Five commercial vessels are at berth carrying food and fuel.


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