Yemen: Al Hudaydah / Taizz Displacement Update (18 - 22 February 2018)



The conflict in Al Hudaydah Governorate expanded from Hays district to nearby districts like Aljarrahi; Newly displaced families were trapped in villages and they were targeted by Shelter intervention but couldn’t come to receive the assistance.
Deputy of The national authority in Al Hudaydah raised a concern of new expected 1500 IDP families displacement from Hays, requesting to do interevention without assessment. There are four active agencies in Al Hudaydah hub who have stocks of NFIs and EESK and they are:UNHCR, ICRC, DRC and IOM. Other agencies are running out off stocks. Ongoing fighing in Al Hudaydah governorate and other frontlines led to the increase of IDPs figures in the south. IDPs continue to settle in Abyan. No access challenges encountered over the reporting period as joint inter-cluster led by OCHA conducted a mission to Abyan on Tuesday 20 February to assess and verify number of displaced families in the areas of Shuqra and Ga’ar within Khanfar district, Abyan governorate.
Assessments and verification activities were done by UNHCR and IOM. The number of displaced families increased by 182 families from last week reaching 10,524 families in total from december until the reporting period.