Yemen: Al Hudaydah Displacement/Response Update (27 July - 2 August 2018)

from UN High Commissioner for Refugees, CCCM Cluster, Shelter Cluster
Published on 02 Aug 2018


In Al Hudaydah hub, the fighting and airstrikes have intensified in different parts of Al Hudaydah and Hajjah governorates particu-larly in Al Hawak, Ad Durayhimi, At Tuhayat, Hays, Bayt Al Faqiah, Midi and Haradh districts. UNHCR through JAAHD (Jeel Albena Association for Humanitarian Development) completed needs assessment for newly displaced families in Ad Dahi district and found 659 families in need for NFIs (Non-Food Items) and 288 families in need for EESKs (Enhanced Emergency Shelter Kits).

In Sana'a hub, SNCC (Sub-National Cluster Coordinator) led a meeting in Abu Bakar Transit Site (Amanat Al Asimah) to coordina-tion the response to the newly displaced families from AlHudaydah in the transit site.

In Aden hub, several security incidents reported over the week in Aden. Al Rebat ID hosting site in Aden have witnessed clashes between a tribal leader guards and the security forces of Lahj governorate, which resulted in the killing of one security guard and several injuries among IDPs. The fighting reason still unknown and IDPs were told to leave the site. Some families reported to have returned back to Al Hudaydah as they did not feel safe to stay in the site. Shelter/NFI/CCCM and Education Sub-National Clusters had a very productive meeting, which discussed the situation of IDPs who are currently hosted in schools. The outcome of the meeting highlighted the importance of engaging with the local authorities including the Ministry of Education to find alternative shelter solutions for those families in order to return the schools to education.


In AlHudyadah hub, UNHCR through JAAHD started the distribution of NFIs to 578 families and EESKs to 68 families in Al Munirah district, partial EESKs provided to some families in Az Zuhrah distric and cash for rental subsidies to 1,329 families in AlHudaydah governorate and 835 families in Hajjah. The assistance reinforced the families coping strategies by ensuring access to basic household and shelter needs.

In Sana'a hub, NFIs distributions completed by UNHCR through ADRA for 422 families in Amanat Al Asimah and through YRCS (Yemen Red Crescent Society) for 141 families in Amran. The distributions targeted the most vulnerable newly displaced families. NFIs provided gives the families the opportunity to restart their lives and improve their living condition.

In Aden hub, NFIs distributions were completed by IOM for 50 families out of 257 families planned to be assisted in AlRebat IDP hosting site (Lahj), SHS started the distribution for 1,339 IDP families in Shabwah governorate and 1,213 families in Hadramaut governorate and HYAC (Al Heikmah Al Yemaniah Association Charity) started the distribution for 908 IDP families in Mawza district, 850 families in Al Wazi'iyah district (Taizz) and 857 families in Hays district (Al Hudaydah). It was reported that the NFIs distribution in AlRebat site was suspended due to the clashes. UNHCR provided cash for rental subsidies to four IDP families in Al Ma'afer district (Taizz), Tuban (Lahj) and Dar Sad (Aden). The cash grants provided hope to displaced families who are facing eviction after falling behind with accumulated rent.