Yemen: Al Hudaydah Displacement/Response Update (22 - 26 July 2018)

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In Al Hudaydah hub, the situation has developed in Al Hudaydah governorate over the week with increased number of airstrikes especially near the airport area which is close to humanitarian agencies premises. It was reported that some main streets in Al Hudaydah City were declared closed military zones such as Sana’a street. UNHCR conducted needs assessment in As Sukhnah and Al Munirah districts and found 1,544 families in need for NFIs (Non-Food Items) and 1,067 families in need for EESKs (Enhanced Emergency Shelter Kits) in As Sukhnah district also 578 families in need for NFIs and 68 families in need for EESKs in Al Munirah district. The Shelter/NFI/CCCM Cluster Partner RAFD (Rawabi AlNahdah Developmental Foundation) received 720 NFIs Kits without mattresses and 602 family tent in Zabid district donated by DFID and transported by IOM.

In Sana’a hub, the response in the transit sit and IDPs hosting sites in Amanat Al Asimah is progressing with 286 families have been accommodated in 6 IDPs hosting sites. 10 dedicated teams were identified to assess the newly displaced families who choose not to stay in schools due to availability of other shelter options (rent, host family, etc.).

In Aden hub, the security situation remain unstable with the continuation of assassination attempts towards military targets in addition to an attack against IDPs in Ash Shaikh Outhman district by unknown person who threw a grenade into the basement where the IDPs were hosted and it resulted in the killing of two IDPs and the injury of five others as reported in some media reports. During the reporting period, over 262 newly displaced families arrived in Aden and an additional 284 families sought safety in Lahj. The new waves of displacement over stretched humanitarian agencies capacity to respond in timely manner as IDPs are scattered in different locations within an area of over 1,000 kilometers. Partners reported that the newly displaced families are in need for emergency shelter and NFIs assistance.