Yemen: Al Bayda, Al Jawf - IDP Hosting Site Baseline Assessment Site Profiles, September - October 2017

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The IDP Hosting Site Baseline Assessment aims to support targeting and response planning by humanitarian stakeholders, including authorities, UN agencies, local and international non-governmental organisations (NGOs). It provides a baseline of key multi-sectoral indicators across IDP hosting sites in 22 governorates, based on data collected through interviews with key informants in each site.

The baseline assessment will help to inform the site management support which will be offered to the local authorities and humanitarian actors in charge of IDP hosting sites, as well as the support which will be offered to IDPs to establish self-governance, community participation and communication processes within IDP hosting sites.

The IDP Hosting Site Baseline Assessment is organised and supported by the Shelter / NFI / CCCM Cluster coordination team and cluster partners engaged in the activity. The data collection for the baseline assessment has been carried out by the International Organisation for Migration (IOM) in 18 governorates and the office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) in 4 governorates.

Once the baseline of current sites is finalised, its updates will be carried out every six months to cover newly established sites. Monitoring of the sites identified through the baseline and its updates will be carried out continuously. The information generated over time through monitoring data collection will provide an indication of structural and sectoral changes in the conditions of the sites.
REACH supports the Shelter / NFI / CCCM Cluster in data analysis and output production. A core set of products created as a result of the data collection exercises includes:

  1. Summary report - Overview of key indicators and comparative analysis of sites to identify those in most urgent need;

  2. Site Profiles - Produced for each site with relevant sectoral information;

  3. Site Maps - Maps showing site location and characteristics.

This report presents findings from two governorates - Al Bayda and Al Jawf - based on data collected between September and October 2017 by IOM during the third stage of the baseline assessment.