Yemen 2017 YHRP Accountability Framework [EN/AR]

Manual and Guideline
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To support Clusters, agencies and organizations attain and monitor collective commitments to accountability to affected people and communities.


Accountability to affected people (AAP) is an active commitment of humanitarian workers to use power responsibly by taking account of, giving account to, and being held to account by the people humanitarian organizations seek to assist. It is the responsibility of each humanitarian agency to engage communities and be accountable to the population is serves.

This framework operationalizes accountability through community engagement, particularly information provision, participation and feedback components. The framework provides different options for humanitarian organizations to adhere to in their work.

While the text targets projects, the Cluster role is to ensure that the Cluster partners are operationalizing accountability throughout the HPC. The Cluster supports projects to achieve/maintain the highest level in the framework, with support from the common services of the Community Engagement Working group and the Assessment/Monitoring Working Group.

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