From the Wreck of War to the Tragedy of Displacement: Success Story


The number of IDPs is increasing dramatically every day due to the war and armed-conflict in Yemen. The vast majority of IDPs live in hosting settlement sites, where most of them have no basic life-saving services.

"Due to the war and armed conflict, we lost our house and just about everything in it; thus, my family and I were forced to flee,” Ahmed Abdullah Abdurabbu said. He is a 40-year-old man who has 9 people in his family, (a wife, 2 sons, and 5 daughters). They had a hard time fleeing from Ma'shara sub-district, Mahliyah district to Al Rawda area, Naja sub-district, Al Jubah district, Ma'rib Gov. The whole family used to live a simple and quiet life before the war began, as they had a house to live in, and a daily wage that Ahmed earned to provide the basic needs for his family.

When the situation became gradually worsen, Ahmed's life with his family changed from bad to worse, where they encounter danger every day. “The most difficult thing I faced is when I see my children sleeping at night on that worn mat without mattress or blankets to cover them from the cold weather. Before displacement, I used to look after them every night," Ahmed expressed his feeling.

Luckily, Ahmed was one of the beneficiaries who received the Rapid Response Mechanism (RRM) kit from Building Foundation for Development (BFD), which is funded by the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA). Therefore, the whole family was happy when receiving a life-saving kit. "I appreciate the quick intervention of BFD and UNFPA that provided emergency assistance to most affected IDPs," Ahmed ended saying.