WFP Yemen Country Brief, March 2022


In Numbers

13.3 million people targeted for general food assistance

87,300 mt of in-kind general food distributions

21,300 mt through commodity vouchers

US$ 11.3 million in cash transfers

US$ 1.28 billion six-month net funding requirement (May – October 2022)

Operational Updates

• Under the general food assistance (GFA) programme, WFP is targeting 13.3 million people for general food assistance (GFA) in March: Approximately 9.7 million people with in-kind food assistance, 2.3 million people with commodity vouchers and 1.3 million people with cash assistance. Of the targeted GFA beneficiaries, eight million continue to receive reduced rations due to funding shortages.

• USD 1.3 billion was pledged towards the inter-agency response in Yemen at the high-level pledging event on the humanitarian crisis in Yemen held in Geneva on 16 March. The pledged amount is down almost USD 400 million from the USD 1.67 billion pledged at the March 2021 Pledging Event.

• According to the WFP Yemen March Food Security Update (covering the month of February), key food security indicators remained critical in February, with nearly half of Yemeni households (44 percent nationwide) continuing to report inadequate food consumption, significantly above the “very high” threshold of 40 percent. Food affordability worsened month-on-month, even before the impacts of the Ukraine crisis have been recorded by WFP food security monitoring.

• The WFP Yemen 2021 Annual Country Report was released on 31 March. Overall, WFP transferred 1.2 million metric tonnes (mt) of food and USD 369.3 million in cash and vouchers to 15.5 million people across its activities in Yemen in 2021 and remained WFP’s largest single-country operation.