WFP Yemen Country Brief, January 2021

Situation Report
Originally published


In Numbers

8.1 million people targeted in January 2021

66,000 mt of general food assistance

US$11.6 million cash-based transfers US$10.6 million commodity vouchers

US$519 million six-month net funding requirements (February – July 2021)

Operational Updates

  • Under the January cycle, WFP targeted 8.1 million people with general food assistance. Of these, 5.3 million people were targeted with in-kind food assistance, around 1.6 million people with food vouchers and over 1.1 million people with cash assistance.

  • In the southern areas, 4.25 million beneficiaries are to be biometrically registered. To date, over 1.6 million beneficiaries in Internationally Recognized Government of Yemen (IRG) areas have been biometrically registered. In areas under the Sana’a-based authorities, WFP launched in November 2020 the provision of general food assistance through cash transfers . As of 31 January, around 1,680 people are biometrically registered and activities are proceeding in three districts in Sana’a city, with the aim to reach 150,000 people within the first phase.

  • In January, WFP targeted over 1.38 million students across 56 districts in 20 governorates through its School Feeding Programme (SFP), of which, around 10,000 students received freshly prepared meals via the healthy kitchens programme in Aden. The SFP supports children to become better learners in school and improves their overall wellbeing by making sure they are well-nourished. Moreover, well-designed school meals help set the children on the path towards healthier diets and behaviours in addition to offering a safety net for vulnerable families.

  • On 19 January, the US Department of State Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) designated Ansar Allah as a Foreign Terrorist Organization (FTO). To date, five General Licenses have been issued for “Official Business of the United States Government”, “Official Activities of Certain International Organizations”, “Certain Transactions in Support of Nongovernmental Organizations’ Activities in Yemen”, “Transactions Related to the Exportation or Re-exportation of Agricultural Commodities, Medicine, Medical Devices, Replacement Parts and Components or Software Updates”, and “Authorizing Transactions Involving Ansar Allah” with all transactions with Ansar Allah forces to be authorised through February 26 at 12:01 am.

  • Under the Stockholm Agreement, on 24 January, the fifth meeting of the Supervisory Committee on the Implementation of the Prisoners and Detainees Exchange Agreement started in Jordan. The committee resumed discussions regarding the release of more detainees following the release of 1,065 detainees in October 2020.