Weekly Epidemiological Bulletin Volume 04, Issue 29, Epi week 29, 18 - 24 July 2016 [EN/AR]



  • During week no. 29, 2016; 87% (893/775) health facilities from 22 governorates provided valid surveillance data.

  • The total number of consultations reported during the week in 22 governorates was 130914 compared to 122028 the previous reporting week. Acute respiratory tract infections Lower Respiratory Infections (LRTI), Upper Respiratory Infections (URTI), Other acute diarrhea (OAD) and Malaria (Mal) were the leading cause of morbidity this week.

  • A total of 1040 alerts were generated by eDEWS system in week 29, 2016; Of these 771 alerts were verified as true for further investigations with appropriate response.

  • Altogether 122 alerts for Upper Respiratory Infections, 120 Other acute diarrhea, 110 Lower Respiratory Infections, 87 Typhoid and Paratyphoid Fever, 81 Pertussis, 62 Malaria, 51 Bloody diarrhea, 39 Measles, 30 Influeza Like Illness, 28 Dengue Fever, 9 Schistosomiasis, 8 Meningitis, 6 each for Mumps and Acute Flaccid Paralysis, 5 Severe Acute Respiratory Infection, 2 each for Cut.Leishmaniasis, Acute viral hepatitis and Neonatal Tetanus, 1 Diphtheria were received and responded in system generated.

  • Online disease surveillance and response system was launched in 4 governorates (Aden, Abyan, Lahj and Taiz) in March 2013 and the expansion phase has stared in 6 Governorates (Sana'a City, Hodaidah, Hajjah, Ibb,Al-Mukalla and Sa'da ) in November 2013. The next expansion phase has 6 Governorates (Amran, Shabwah, Al-Mahrah, Sana'a Gov., HadramoutAl- wady and Dhamar).The last eDEWS expand in new 6 Governorates (AlBaidha, Mareb, Al-Jawf, Al-Mahweet,Rayma and Al-Dhale).