WASH Needs Assessment Report In Al Hazm district of Al Jawf governorate (October 2019)

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1. Executive Summary

This needs assessment was designed to be impartial, unbiased, comprehensive, context-sensitive, timely, and up-to-date. It provides a sound evidence base for the existing WASH situation in Al Hazm district of Al Jawf governorate in order to plan and prioritize the needs and adopt the appropriate and suitable methodology of intervention.
RDP conducted this WASH needs assessment from 25/9/2019 to 28/9/2019 aiming to define and quantify the WASH needs by providing more in-depth WASH operational information, provide statistical data about the WASH needs, and to capture the preferences of the affected community in this high priority district. The needs assessment was conducted according to the WASH cluster technical guidelines.

Al Hazm district in Al Jawf governorate is among the 169 WASH cluster focus districts. The district which is the capital of Al Jawf governorate was classified as IPC phase 4 where 11.6% of the population; 34811 individuals (HC and IDPs) are in IPC 4 and 5. The sample include a total number of 141 HHs interviews in the three sub-districts of Al Hazm.
The comprehensive WASH NA included HHs surveys, Key Informants Interviews (KIIs), Focus Group Discussions (FGDs), and General Situation information collection using the WASH cluster tools and RDP customized tools.

RDP has formed one team for the NA in the three sub-districts led by RDP WASH engineers who have trained field enumerators, 8 in Al Hazm (3 males and 5 females), to conduct the FGDs and HHs surveys. The team leader conducted the KIIs, water sources assessment, and general information of each sub-district.
Community acceptance was captured from the FGDs and KIIs data which was directly fed into the findings and recommendations of the NA to ensure accountability to affected population.
The sample covered high-land and low-land areas considering the geographical factors. Water sources were identified and mapped as a baseline and to consider further assessment during the intervention.

Al Hazm district:

Al Hazm district is located in the southern part of Al Jawf governorate. The population distribution is concentrated in Al Hazm city with dispersed villages and communities within the district. According to the Population and Housing Census 2004, 30952 capita live in Al Hazm district with 43.7% female ratio against 56.3% male.

While more recent reports of official authorities speak of much higher numbers of population referring to the mass displacement to Al Hazm occurred as a result of the war where the total population is 48,207 capita.

Compared to the Population and Housing Census 2004 the number of male individuals has increased from 17,435 to 25,314 with a 45% increase, while female individuals have increased from 13,517 to 22,893 with a 69% increase.