Violence Against or Obstruction of Health Care in Yemen in 2020

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In April 2020, An Nasr Hospital in Yemen’s Ad Dhali governorate was attacked twice in one week by unidentified perpetrators. On April 2 armed men fired machine guns at and threw two hand grenades into the hospital, injuring two civilians.1 Two days later another hand grenade of unidentified origin was thrown into the same hospital, injuring two more civilians and forcing the hospital’s management to close the hospital in protest over the attack.


The Safeguarding Health in Conflict Coalition (SHCC) identified 81 incidents of violence against or obstruction of health care in Yemen in 2020, compared to 35 such incidents in 2019. In these incidents health facilities were destroyed and damaged and health workers were killed and injured. Years of ongoing war have left only half of Yemen’s health facilities functional.

This factsheet is based on the dataset 2020 SHCC Health Care Yemen Data, which is available on the Humanitarian Data Exchange (HDX).