Update: A Report of the Development of the New Internal Displacement - Ad Durayhimi - Al Hodaydah Governorate, 14 November 2021

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Ad Durayhimi District is one of Al Hudaydah Governorate districts in western Yemen. Its population is around 60000 but in the last few years the district witnessed large internal displacement. Currently, the district is partially under the control of Houthis and partially under the control of national forces (legitimacy forces). The largest part of the district is under the control of the legitimacy forces. This led the district to be a theatre of conflict between the two conflicting sides. As a result of Stockholm Agreement that stipulates mutual redeployment of forces in the area and the current developments, the IDPs were informed to leave the area within 48 hours. Thousands of IDPs are leaving their places and head towards safer areas either inside the governorate or to other governorates. This preliminary report shows the mass displacement of households from Ad Durayhimi District occurred over the period 14/11/2021.