UNICEF Yemen Humanitarian Situation Report, 14-19 April, 2015

Situation Report
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  • As the conflict reaches its fourth week, fuel, water, and food supplies are rapidly depleting and electricity and communications networks throughout the country are increasingly cut off for long periods of time. This is putting immense pressure on individuals as well as on the humanitarian response.

  • UNICEF delivered 90,000 vaccines to Dhamar Governorate in the south as well as essential medications and emergency supplies to Sa’ada health office, intended to benefit 200,000 people for up to two months.

  • UNICEF supported the reintegration of 1,358 IDP children into schools in 5 districts in Taiz.

  • 2,200 affected people are receiving daily water supplies in Lahj Governorate through water trucking by UNICEF partners.

  • During the reporting period, 971 children have received psychosocial support (PSS) through UNICEF-supported Child Friendly Spaces (CFS) in Taiz/Ibb, Amran and Al Bayda

  • UNICEF continues to support MRE messaging including through TV and radio broadcasts and social media.