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UNHCR Yemen Factsheet - June 2018


Despite increasing hostilities and access challenges, UNHCR provided life-saving assistance to refugees, asylum seekers and internally displaced persons during the first half of 2018.

An estimated 112,000 individuals have been newly displaced since December 2017, with an increase in protection and shelter needs of IDP families fleeing frontline hostilities.

UNHCR-assisted return for Somali refugees in Yemen to Somalia continued in 2018 bringing the total number of Somalis voluntarily returning to over 2,000 persons.


  • 22.2 million people in need

  • 2,014,026 Internally Displaced Persons (IDP)

  • 89 per cent of IDPs displaced for more than one year

  • 956,076 IDP returnees

  • 279,264 refugees and asylum seekers (majority from Somalia and Ethiopia)