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UNHCR Regional Update - Yemen Situation #39 (May 2016)

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2,499,429 People affected by the conflict (in Yemen and adjacent countries), including refugees and internally displaced persons prior to and as a result of the current conflict.

2,053,093 Persons internally displaced prior to and as a result of the current conflict.

178,001 Arrivals to Djibouti, Ethiopia Oman, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, and Sudan mainly by sea or overland since late March 2015.

268,335 Refugees in Yemen assisted with protection assistance and life sustaining interventions and items.

495,562 Internally displaced Yemenis reached in Yemen with emergency relief items since the onset of the crisis by UNHCR and partners.


USD 172.2 Million Requested by UNHCR for the situation



  • UNHCR joined two missions to Aden in May, during which UNHCR international staff visited Kharaz refugee camp for the first time in over a year.

  • Co-led by UNHCR and IOM, the Task Force on Population Movement published its ninth report, validating a total figure of 2,053,093 IDPs.


  • Yemeni refugees continue to spontaneously return to Yemen, though to a much smaller extent than in previous months. In February and March, there were 604 returns, 242 in April and 53 in May.


  • Community leaders reported that some 20 Yemenis who were previously in Addis Ababa spontaneously returned to Yemen in the past months.


  • Among new arrivals, five had already been to Somaliland, returned to Yemen and are now back to Somaliland. They claimed that they had returned to Yemen because they believed the situation had improved, only to realize that conditions are still very difficult in the country and consequently decided to go back to Somaliland.


New Arrivals to Yemen

In May 2016, 9,835 people arrived in Yemen (8,496 Ethiopians and 1,339 Somalis), representing a 15 per cent decrease compared to the previous month. So far, the 2016 yearly total of new arrivals is 49,797 persons (including 43,095 Ethiopians and 6,698 Somalis), representing more than half of the 2015 total.

Sadly, the dangerous sea journey continues to take its toll on people travelling irregularly to Yemen: seven persons died or went missing at sea in May along the cost of Hadramaut (Arabian Sea), including a pregnant woman. So far in 2016, 39 individuals went missing or have died at sea in Yemeni waters.