Training to Become Electrician illuminated the Path of Ali Issa (IDP)

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“We used to have difficulty earning a living… but now, my family’s condition has changed for the better and I managed to pay off all my debts”.

This is how Ali Issa, IDP, describes his situation before and after his training in the capacity building program on livelihood skills in the field of electricity, arranged by the National Foundation for Development and Humanitarian Response (NFDHR), and focusing on 7 professions. The program falls within the activities of the Camp Management Support Project that was implemented in the districts of Sahar and Safra, Saada Governorate; and funded by Yemen Humanitarian Fund (YHF).

After the outbreak of war in 2015, Ali Issa was displaced from Midi (a border district) to Shafar area in Abs district, Hajjah governorate, and then to Al-Safra district, Saada governorate. His journey was really painful. Ali Issa had an exhausting trip along with his five children and his wife. They suffered greatly, and he found it difficult to provide them with essential needs due to the lack of work opportunities and the low daily wages. At times, he joined some construction works, at other times in Qat farms.

When he joined the training program, Issa received theoretical and practical training on electrical work and skills by certified trainers at the Vocational and Technical Training Institute in Saada. This training extended over a period of 60 days. He proudly talks about his story, saying: "Thanks to Allh, today I became an electrician and I can earn living for me and my family." After graduating from training in December 2020, he received several offers to perform electrical works.

The first task Ali Issa accomplished after the training was performing electrical works for a building of four apartments, and within one month he accomplished other electrical works in a restaurant and a steam bath. He currently has some tasks on the list. Ali Issa confirms: "I received several offers and calls to work in commercial electricity companies with a monthly salary of 120,000 riyals in Saada City." He adds: "The average daily income ranges from 8000 to 10,000 riyals in small businesses that require simple wiring or simple maintenance, and for large businesses in buildings and apartments that require complete wiring, the income reaches 20 thousand riyals per day." Ali Issa feels completely satisfied with his current work and his daily income; he believes that he can improve his income and the standard of living of his family and provide all their needs, since his opportunities for work and earnings are renewed. The future is brighter for him and for his family.