Task Force on Population Movement, 6th Report, 10 December 2015


Executive Summary

This is the 6th Report of the Task Force on Population Movement (TFPM)since its establishment in April 2015. The purpose of these reports is to provide up to date and accurate data on displacement and displacement trends across the country. This information is an essential requirement as the basis on which prioritized and coordinated humanitarian response is founded.

The 6th report validates a total number of 2,509,068 persons displaced due to the current conflict in Yemen, as compared to 2,305,048 persons in the 5th report (published on 15 October 2015). This represents an increase of 204,014 displaced people.

The main reason for the increase is the fact that the methodology that is used for the tracking and profiling of displaced people continued to significantly improve. The number of partners providing data has increased, and training of humanitarian workers has generated a more consistent and exact approach. Notably, the number of districts covered by information collection has increased by 82%. The system of confidence rating that was introduced during the compilation of the 5th report continued to have an impact in the data collection for the 6th report. 85% of data for the 6th report falls into the categories of Good and Medium in terms of the data confidence level of the data with 15% falling into the Low category. No Poor data was used for 6th report. In addition, the data that was carried over was limited to only 17% of data used from previous reports with the remainder representing new data contributions for the 6th report.

The 6th report also includes displacement statistics related to the cyclones that recently impacted the southern coast of Yemen but are presented separately and as distinct from the conflict affected displacement statistics. The rationale behind this is the fact that the character of the displacement caused by these natural events is different to that caused by the on-going conflict in Yemen. One assumption is that those disaster-affected IDPs will have greater prospects for return over those that are displaced owing to the conflict.


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