Support for healthcare services in Yemen

IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation is continuing its aid projects in Yemen. Aside from assisting the healthcare center established in the Marib province to provide healthcare services to war victims, IHH also carried out cataract surgeries on 121 patients living in the Ahrar Valley.

In Yemen where the domestic war has continued for many years, tens of thousands of people had to migrate to different parts of the country. One of the places where the people migrated was the tent city in the Marib province.

Various diseases caused by the lack of clean water and malnutrition are spreading rapidly in many regions of Yemen, including in the tent cities. If these diseases are not treated properly and timely, they can become chronic illnesses.

Initial treatment is provided in the healthcare center

As part of its aid projects in Yemen, IHH continues to assist the healthcare center established 4 years ago to provide healthcare services to the people in the tent city. The healthcare center provides services including examinations, medication, emergency and first aid, as well as categorizing patients by offering medical tests, applying and monitoring childhood vaccinations, and providing initial treatment and referrals to relevant hospitals when inpatient treatment is required.

Cataract surgeries for 121 people

IHH also performed cataract surgeries on 121 people living in the Ahrar Valley in the Hadramawt region that is extremely difficult to access, enabling these people to regain their sight.

To give support

Donors that want to support the Yemeni people can donate 10 TL by sending an SMS to 3072 texting the code YEMEN. Those that would like to contribute larger amounts can donate online via our website or IHH's bank accounts stating the code YEMEN.