The Suffering of IDPs - Malikah "29"

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Malikah is a 29-year-old woman who has four children, and her family lived a simple and quiet life in one of the villages of the Ghorab area but the war came to turn their lives upside down. The family was forced to flee their home to another village, so they lived in one of the houses in AlKhaduror village, but the war and the siege affected their life. The unavailable jobs and the increasing cost of living increased their suffering and pain. In addition, the area they were displaced to is far from the city and from services such as schools, and the health center in their area lacks basic health services. The family suffered from these tough conditions, but Allah wanted Malikah to become pregnant again with her fifth child, and this increased the family's concerns due to the difficult financial conditions, they are going through. Malikah began to reassure her husband, saying, “Don't worry, Allah will help us and we will figure it out.” Her husband knows that she was trying to assure him. As the days passed, the husband met a friend and told him that his wife is pregnant and he cannot bear the costs of giving birth. One day another friend told the husband, “Don’t worry, in our village, there is Al Ggwal Center with a qualified and specialized medical team provided by Deem for Development Organization, funded by the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), and the center provides services with free cost.” The husband was happy with this news and returned back to his family and told his wife, “My dear, don't worry there is a health center in the village of Al Ggwal that takes care of people and provides free health services.” As the birth period approaches, the pains of childbirth began, and with the sunset, Malikah's pain increased. Her husband was looking for a car to take her to Al Ggwal Center. The wife entered the center at 10:00 pm and was well-received by the midwife and the doctor's assistant. An ultrasound was made and a medical examination was conducted for her. The birth was late, but the midwife assured her that she will be fine. The pain of childbirth increased and Malikah was given some medicines to relieve the pain, and at 12:30 am, Malikah was giving her birth. When Malikah held her baby in her hands, she said, “I am very pleased that the Al Ggwal Center provides free health services, because I did not imagine that I would give my birth in one of the health centers due to we do not have money for that.”, “I am grateful for Deem medical team and UNFPA for their services.” She continued.