Statement by UN Special Envoy Hans Grundberg on the Parties' Commitment to Consolidating the Truce on the Occasion of Eid Al-Adha [EN/AR]


In view of the upcoming Eid celebrations, the parties’ focal points in the military coordination committee agreed to consolidate their commitment to the current truce through a continued halt of all offensive ground, aerial, and maritime military operations, inside and outside of Yemen, and freezing current military positions on the ground.

The parties agreed to work in the military coordination committee and the joint coordination room towards further strengthening their efforts to build trust and contribute to a more conducive environment for dialogue, as well as improving the situation for Yemeni civilians.

As part of these efforts, the parties have agreed to moderate rhetoric in public statements and media and show care for the safety, wellbeing and protection of civilian children, women and men as well as critical infrastructure that supports their lives and livelihoods.

The parties agreed to continue discussions focused on preventing or reducing as much as possible movements of military personnel and equipment and means of exercising effective operational control to ensure that all forces understand and comply with their responsibilities in the truce.

My office stands ready to support the parties in this regard, including by providing technical assistance, capacity building, and facilitating decision-making.

Amman, 5 July 2022