Statement on behalf of the humanitarian coordinator, Jamie McGoldrick on the need to ensure funding and humanitarian access into and throughout Yemen [EN/AR]


Sana’a, 7 May 2017

Humanitarian funding is urgently needed to save lives across Yemen. With urgency, I call on Members States to fund the Yemen Humanitarian Response Plan. All commitments made during the pledging conference in Geneva need to materialize at once. While Yemen awaits for peace, humanitarian action is saving lives every day across the entire country.

All ports and roads must be available to humanitarians to properly address the current threat of famine and the resurging cholera outbreak and to facilitate the timely delivery of life-saving assistance to vulnerable people throughout Yemen. Giving the United Nations and humanitarian partners safe and unimpeded access to those in need would be a strong demonstration by the warring parties of their concern for the Yemeni people. It is imperative that humanitarians reach people in need without obstacle, wherever they may be.

I am particularly concerned about reports that medicine and medical supplies are not reaching people in need in a timely manner due to administrative delays at ports, checkpoint road hurdles, and aid delivery interference. Recent information suggests that medicine supplies are being delayed from reaching Taizz City, where the need of the people is urgent. I call on the authorities in Sana’a to allow trucks carrying medicines into Taizz City without delay.

I echo the call of the United Nations Secretary General at the pledging conference to all warring parties for safe, unconditional, and sustained access by humanitarians to people in need across the country. I continue to request parties to the conflict and those influencing and arming the parties, to return to peace negotiations and to bring this conflict to an end.


UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs
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