Shiara (Yemen): the total number of dead rises to six after a critically injured patient passed away in Saada, one week after the hospital was hit by a projectile

from Médecins Sans Frontières
Published on 17 Jan 2016

London, 17 January 2016 -The number of dead caused by a projectile that hit the Shiara hospital in Razeh in the north of Yemen last week has risen to six, after a critically injured patient died last night at MSF's hospital in Saada town after being in the ICU for six days.

The medical team did all that they possibly could but the condition of the patient was extremely critical upon arrival to the hospital.

The blast initially caused the death of five people, while eight others were injured, two of them critically. While those critically wounded were transferred to the ICU in Saada, the rest were treated at the premises of the hospital in Razeh.

"We extend our condolences to the victim's family while again we condemn the fact that a hospital has been targeted as part of the conflict ravaging this country for the last ten months. We need to repeat over and over again that the civilian population, medical staff and medical facilities should be protected during this conflict. One week after the explosion, patients and health workers are still scared to go back to the hospital. The consequences of attacking hospitals inflict a terrible toll on the population", says Juan Prieto, general coordinator of MSF projects in Yemen.