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RMMS Mixed Migration Monthly Summary: East Africa and Yemen (September 2017)



Repatriation of migrants/asylum seekers from Djibouti to Yemen: On 21 May 2017, the UN Migration Agency (IOM) facilitated the voluntary repatriation of 84 stranded migrants and asylum seekers from Al Hudaydah Port in Yemen to Djibouti. According to IOM, most of the migrants were Ethiopian nationals and included 29 unaccompanied children, seven women and 48 other vulnerable cases. The rescued migrants reported that they were subjected to human rights abuses at the hands of migrant smugglers and criminal gangs in Yemen. Most of the migrants had intended to transit Yemen to reach Saudi Arabia but were trapped in the on-going conflict in Yemen. IOM has reportedly facilitated the voluntary return of 515 migrants / asylum seekers from Yemen to Djibouti, and onwards to countries of origin, since the beginning of 2017.

Refugee Seekers in Djibouti: UNHCR reported 27,601 refugees and asylum seekers in Djibouti as of August 2017 a majority of whom settled in Ali Addeh. Their origin was as follows: Somalia (13,306), Ethiopia (8,654), Yemen (4,434), Eritrea (1,149) and others spread out across other countries. Djibouti is the primary destination for Yemeni arrivals to the Horn, with 69% of those moving opting to travel to Djibouti.