Revision of the policy on tents distribution

I. Background:

On 26 March 2015, coalition forces began launch of an airstrikes against Al-Houthis and former President Ali Abdullah Salih military forces installations to halt their advance across the country. Since then, 20 out of the country 22 governorates were affected by airstrikes or armed conflicts. The current escalation in violence adds further strain on poor services and weak infrastructure and exacerbates the already precarious humanitarian situation. Recent violence has also had an impact on civilian infrastructure, with homes, hospitals, education, local markets and essential infrastructure in several locations damaged or destroyed. Over one million people have been internally displaced, in addition to the some 330,000 IDPs who were already in a protracted internal displacement situation.

Inter-agency assessments indicated shelter as a critical and priority need among newly internally displaced persons in urban and rural areas. One of the most common types of emergency shelters used in Yemen is tents.