Regional refugee and Migrant Response: Impact of the Yemen Crisis, 15 December 2015 [EN/AR]

Humanitarian actors involved in the response to the outflow of civilians from Yemen due to the current conflict are committed to providing life-saving assistance and protection to those fleeing Yemen, pending durable solutions.


168,129 Total out of Yemen

77,249 Arrivals in Djibouti, Ethiopia, Somalia, Sudan.

23,741 Total evacuated (as of 29 October, IOM)

Recent developments:

Yemeni arrivals to Djibouti in November remain steady and in line with anticipated planning figures, while Somali arrivals to Somalia remains extremely low since the change of context in Aden from mid-August.

In early December, UNHCR Yemen conducted four focus group discussions with 61 Somalis in Aden, Yemen. In general, Somalis reported no major obstacles to go to Somalia, with support available from charities, IOM and the Somali consul in Aden.

However, they considered socio-economic conditions, security and the cost of living to be better in Aden relative to Somalia. 54% of the Somalis would consider return to Somalia if there were greater opportunities and support for self-reliance and reintegration.

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